Guildford, Surrey

Warren Road

This expansive estate home, nestled within sprawling grounds, lacked the grandeur but also the warm ambiance and contemporary amenities essential for modern living.

The front facade was entirely flat, with all drainage pipes situated on this side, inadvertently giving it the appearance of a rear aspect rather than the front.

Our dedicated collaboration with the clients spanned several months during the design phase, resulting in a meticulously crafted plan tailored precisely to their requirements. The comprehensive scope of work encompassed:

  • Architectural design
  • Interior design
  • Custom furniture design and specification, including a near-circular sofa with seating for up to 10
  • Design and specification of a pool house
  • Careful sourcing and procurement of furniture, accessories, bespoke soft furnishings, and finishes
  • A front extension, including extensive reconfiguration of the entrance hall, dining room, and the creation of a secret passageway leading to a new boot room
  • The construction of a large brick-built porch, thoughtfully scaled and styled, centrally positioned to enhance the entrance hall and provide more symmetry externally
  • Specially commissioned bricks to harmonise with the original building, replacing some unsympathetic later-added external walls
  • Replacement of roofing - eliminating multiple small flat-roofed extensions added over the years, replacing them with pitched roofs that matched the original main roof and our newly built extensions

These changes resulted in a timeless front facade, integrating the house harmoniously into its surroundings.

We constructed a 120m2 brick-built 4-car garage and gym/dance studio complex, further enhancing the property's amenities, again using bespoke brick to tie it in with the enhanced main house. The landscaping re-design and implementation extended to both the front and rear of the property. New electric gates were designed and commissioned, in a style in keeping with the house's period, but featuring modern automation.

These transformative enhancements have elevated the property, giving it the presence and functionality it deserves.

Type of Work

New Build
structural reconfiguration


Guildford, Surrey

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